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What is it and how can it be applied?

According to  the Promotional Marketing Association – AMPRO, promotional marketing is a set of strategies that aim to build a brand, provide sales and retain customers through interaction actions with their target audiences. In other words, they are actions taken to bring the values of a company to people, make it known and recognized, generate sales for that company and build relationships with customers and with  prospects.   

Promotional Marketing is an extremely important tool for its effectiveness in strengthening relationships with its target audience.  Furthermore, it can be applied in different ways.

Why invest in this strategy?

  • Attracting new customers;

  • Customer loyalty;

  • Brand fixation and promotion;

  • Interactive clients;

  • Competition blocking;

  • Inventory settlement;

  • Increase in POS traffic.

How to apply this strategy?

  • Gifts;

  • Incentive program;

  • Experimentation;

  • Promotional events;

  • Offers;

  • Blitz;

  • POS;

  • Online sweepstakes.


Guerrilla marketing is a strategy used to promote products and services in an unconventional way. It's an alternative tactic  designed to create a memorable and impactful customer experience. O  Guerrilla marketing cannot be explained, it lives. This strategy is so surprising that it steals the words and gives the audience a unique experience.

For a successful guerrilla marketing campaign  no need to spend a lot of money. The most important thing is to have a lot of creativity and energy to develop a good deed. That's why actions of this type are usually performed in locations  of large movement of people.


Currently it is also  used with great force   by online campaigns  that went viral 

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